Final STEMinar 22nd January

Well done to everybody who attended the STEMinar in heart surgery, it was very interesting but very long and complicated!

The final STEMinar will be held at Nairn Academy on the 22nd of January. Information letters will be issued soon.

Remember we also have to produce two posters to present at the Bridge to Employment Graduation and these must be completed at lunchtimes or after school. Mrs Woodcraft will put information in the Notices as to when this will happen.

December STEMinar cancelled

Unfortunately the STEMinar due to be held on Wednesday 10th December was cancelled due to the bad weather forecast. It has been rescheduled to Wednesday 7th January 2015. We will meet as soon term starts in January to discuss transport and permission slips.

December STEMinar

The last STEMinar in 2014 will be on Wednesday 10th  of December. It will be at Inverness Royal Academy and will involve two 45 minute sessions.  

One session will be on the British Safety Council Award. It will be run by Cap Gemini and there will be a work book to complete. If these are completed correctly  pupils will receive will receive a certificate on  British Safety Council – Entry Level Award in Workplace Hazard Awareness.

The other session is on presentation  skills. This should be very useful as all pupils will have to present a poster at their graduation STEMinar next year.

There will be a meeting in Mrs Woodcraft’s room at 11:00am on Wednesday 3rd December to get permission letters and more info.

LifeScan STEMinar

There will be two STEMinars in November, one on the Tuesday the 4th and one on Thursday the 27th.

It is important to try and attend all the Bridge to Employment events to make sure you get as much as possible from the programme.

The STEMinar on the 4th of November will be run by LifeScan and looks at cell biology and diabetes. It will be held at Inverness High School and the minibus will leave Nairn at 3:15pm, returning around 6pm.

Mrs Woodcraft will hand out a permission letter for both dates in November, please return it before the 4th.

Second STEMinar Date

Well done everybody at the first STEMinar, your behaviour was excellent and your public speaking was very impressive!

The next STEMinar date is Wednesday 17th September at Inverness Royal Academy from 4-5:30pm. It is going to involve more group work and investigating how radars and soundwaves work.

We will travel there by minibus, leaving at 3:15pm and should arrive back around 6:10pm.

There will be a meeting in Mrs Woodcraft’s room at 11:00am on Thursday 11th September to discuss the trip.




























































































First STEMinar of the new term!

Welcome back, hope you all had a good holiday!

Our first STEMinar event is going to be on Tuesday 26th August. It is going to be held at Inverness High School from 4-5:30pm.

We will travel there and back by minibus.

The event will be all about groupwork and Technology.

There will be a meeting in Mrs Woodcraft’s room at 11:00am on Thursday 21st August to discuss the trip.


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